Violin is my life

Danika Newcomb's article appeared in the June 2018 publication of La revue des CURIEUX (the magazine de l’école Soleil Levant, where our Sistema NB program is hosted in Richibucto)

A passion that makes me happy is music, especially playing the violin. It's been seven years now that I participate and play in the Sistema program. It exists for young people aged 6 and over. We learn to play music and we are several violinists. I chose this instrument because it was small; it was better suited for my little hands. In addition, I found that I did not have enough breath to play a wind instrument.

In Sistema, I started by making a paper mâché violin. Then a symphony was organized and all the young people received a “real” instrument. My first piece of music was TWINLE TWINKLE LITTE STAR.

At the show, I was very shy, because I was afraid to be wrong in front of the audience in the room. Once the concert was completed, with no errors, I felt very proud of myself. What an incredible feeling when the audience applauded very loudly and for a long time. Everyone even came to congratulate me. After the show, I went to eat ice cream to celebrate my success with my parents and my sister. That same evening, I fell asleep with a happy heart and a smile on my face.

Since that evening, I am able to play great pieces of music. I see my instrument as a friend who is always there for me. I use it to console myself when I'm sad and I celebrate with it when I'm happy.

Finally, I want to encourage all young people to play an instrument (it does not have to be the violin). I will always enjoy my experience and I really want to continue playing my violin as long as my hands can move.

Written by Danika Newcomb, Sistema NB member and student at l’école Soleil Levant in Richibucto