Shinie Wagaarachchi wins an international clarinet competition

We just learned that one of our Sistema NB children won a major international prize in music performance.   

Shinie Wagaarachchi began in Sistema New Brunswick four years ago at the age of 8 years. After 4 years of developing her skills, performing concerts, and practicing at home, she entered the 2021 Asian International Youth Clarinet Competition. She won 1st place in her age category, 11-13 years, receiving a score of 9.7/10 by a panel of 6 international judges. Shinie’s family immigrated to Canada from Sri Lanka in 2007 and her younger sister also attends Sistema NB. We are very proud of Shinie for her dedication and achievement...and honoured to be a part of her story.  

This underscores again what we already know to be true... if we provide opportunity for our children, they can achieve at the highest levels.

"Shinie and I were interviewed this morning on CBC Information Morning about her big win in the Asian International Youth Clarinet Competition. So proud of her! You can listen to the interview along with a short clip of her award winning performance at this link." (David Scott--Sistema NB Moncton Teaching Artist)

BRAVO, Shinie!!!