Youth orchestra to host celebrated Maestros from California

May 20, 2024: The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra’s triumphant performance at Carnegie Hall in 2023 continues to pay dividends for the young musicians, with two internationally acclaimed music professors visiting New Brunswick to work with orchestra members in a series of workshops.

Maestro Ernest Salem and Maestro Kimo Furumoto, California State University (CSU) School of Music faculty delegates, will work with NBYO musicians at workshops in Moncton, Miramichi and Fredericton this week.

Maestro Tony Delgado, Music Director and Conductor of NBYO and Sistema NB, said Maestro Salem and Maestro Furumoto first heard the NBYO at Carnegie Hall last June. “Ever since then they have been interested in recruiting our kids, due to their performance level and also establishing a long-term relationship,” Delgado said. “We are all really excited about the visit. I hope Maestros Salem and Furumoto reassure them as the talented musicians they are, but also notice that this is a path of continuous work and how fun this path is!” Kenn Mainville, NBYO President and CEO, said there is a growing awareness that something extraordinary is happening with the Sistema NB program and NBYO.

“Esteemed music professionals from around the globe are drawn to New Brunswick, eager to witness the extraordinary developments firsthand. This attention is a testament to the high calibre of our professional teaching artists and the significant achievements of our Sistema NBalumni, many of whom are now entering largest music schools in Canada with the top scholarships,” Mainville said. “After 15-years of growth, it's clear that our program is not just producing skilled musicians, but true cultural ambassadors.”

Delgado said the Carnegie Hall performance helped NBYO musicians gauge their own talent against other young musicians and prompt exchanges like the California State University visit, opening the door to opportunities to continue their studies in great academic institutions.
“The NBYO musicians are just finding out the details of this visit… I'm sure after working with Maestros Salem and Furumoto some of them will dream about it!” Delgado said. “Hopefully this is the beginning of what we want for the future.  We discussed ideas for the upcoming years such as touring to California, UCAL - Fullerton Orchestra coming here, exchanges of faculty, courses for students and many more opportunities.” Mainville said feedback from the 2023 Carnegie Hall performance has encouraged NBYO to consider more performances outside of New Brunswick. NBYO’s past international tours have included performances in Italy, Austria, China, the USA, and more, achieving tremendous success, including first place at an International Youth Music Festival in Vienna. “These tours are more than just performances; they represent the pinnacle of a child’s experience with NBYO and Sistema NB, serving as a powerful motivator for them to continue practicing and developing their skills. The effort and cost involved in organizing these tours are significant, but the benefits—educational, cultural, and personal growth—are immeasurable,” Mainville said. “We owe our ability to undertake these tours to the generous support of our communities and donors. Their contributions ensure that we can provide these life-changing opportunities for our musicians. We are excited to announce that we are currently planning our next tour as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2025. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting journey in the coming months."