Swan Serna, Centre Director (Richibucto)

Born in Mexico City, Swan Serna has been the Sistema NB Center Director in Richibucto since 2012. He holds a master degree at Université Laval (candidate) and a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, where his principal teachers were Cuauhtémoc Rivera and Savartassiddh Uribe.

Mr. Serna has participated in master classes led by Zoria Shijmurzaieva, Guela  Dubrova and the Amati String Quartet. He obtained a diploma for his participation in the chamber music workshops led by the Latino-americano String Quartet from 1999 to 2000. He has also participated in composition and contemporary music workshops led by Mario Lavista.

Mr. Serna composed the music for two short films by producer José Luis Linares. In 2007, Swan composed the original music for the ballet choreography “Mosaicos”. From 2005 to 2007, he composed the music and arrangements for the ensemble “Kátaros” as well as the original music for the theatre piece “Trahison” by Harold Pinter. He also composed the musical arrangements and produced the CD “Del Amor y otras mareas” in 2003. He has adjudicated the Concours Jeunesses Quebec-Ontario.

Mr. Serna has led a performing career in Mexico in concert, radio and television. He performed as first violin with the string quartet “Alebrije” from 1997 to 2004.

He has performed in several festivals in the province of Quebec and is an active chamber musician, performing frequently with pianist Dulce María Alarcón. 

1-506-523-0996;  sserna@nbyo-ojnb.com