From a rural Sistema NB to Carnegie Hall

Marysol discovered her passion for music through a Sistema New Brunswick rural music program, where the enchanting sounds of the viola captured her heart.
Hours turned into days as she practiced, pouring her heart into every note. After 4 years of learning how to play the viola at Sistema NB, Marysol participated in the American Protégé competition in 2022, and as a result, she received an invitation to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City in June 2023.
On June 30th, Marysol delivered her best performance ever, as she knew that she was not only representing herself but also Sistema NB's programs, her community, and all those who had believed in her. She had learned that no matter where one comes from, with dedication, love for their craft, and support from those who believe in them, they can achieve greatness beyond their wildest dreams.

Thank you, Sistema NB, for creating these opportunities for us, the teachers, and our youth!"