NB Plan

Although we live in a country very different from Venezuela, the circumstances which can lead to social exclusion for children are largely the same; as are the benefits from playing in an orchestra, which can counter them. To learn what will work best in our setting, Sistema NB embarked on a five-year pilot program to learn what works best in New Brunswick.

The first five years... 2009-2014

  • 4 children's orchestra centres throughout the province
  • engaging almost 600 children, 3 hours after school, daily
  • in urban and rural communities
  • in both official languages including First Nations communities
  • engaging almost 40 Teaching Aritsts, visionary and socially driven musicians from New Brunswick, Canada, and around the world 
  • leading in Canada with a positive influence on the arts, education and social development sectors

A four-year plan to extend Sistema in NB... 2014-2018

The first five years of Sistema NB provided a resounding "Yes!" to the key strategic questions:

  • Will children attend?
  • Will they continue through the stages and across school years?
  • Will we see social change as observed in Venezuela (the founding site for social-change-through-music programs in the world?)
  • Can the program be expanded?
  • Can the program be replicated in other locations?

With that success, the next step is to make this experience available to more children who could benefit and establish Sistema NB as a key social program in New Brunswick.  Sistema NB is currently developing a four-year plan to do this.  The plan will retain the key principles and essentials of the program, will be scalable to any size community, will be flexible in its implementation and will be replicable to even more communities.  Details of the new four-year plan will be available in the fall 2013.