Making a difference through music

Sistema NB has verified the possibility of transformative social change through music and the orchestra.  We have demonstrated that great art is for everyone and that it has the power to improve the lives of children and their families and enhance our society.  We have shown that for children, an orchestra means joy, motivation, discipline, teamwork - that it builds confidence and self-esteem and that it is incredibly fun.

Who wouldn’t want that for even more children!

Recent Blog posts

Music is crucial to educational success

DAVID COON COMMENTARY (Brunswick News--15-March-2018) I walked into the Gibson-Neill Memorial Elementary School in Fredericton the other night and was instantly captured by the music being performed by students from the Saint John Youth Chamber Orchestra. It’s hard to describe the joy I felt, and I... Read more

New Sistema NB teaching artists welcomed in the New Brunswick Legislature

Thank you to the Honourable Cathy Rogers for hosting our new Sistema NB teaching artists today at the provincial legislature in Fredericton. We are grateful to the New Brunswick government for its support of our program and for the difference we are able to make in the lives of NB youth. This year... Read more